We Found Out When We’re “Too Old” to go Clubbing and the Geeks React

In a new study, the exact age when you’re over the hill to stomp the dance floor is 37. They say the 37+ crowd don’t want to go through the motions: facing the hangover, not wanting to get dressed up, having to arrange babysitters and booking a Uber. So much work for such little fun. Is it worth it?

Matt Walburn, Brand and Communications Director at Curry’s PC World, says; “The Great Indoors study recognizes the fact that there comes a time when we appreciate our home comforts more than a hectic social life and it can often be a drag to play the social butterfly at parties and nights out.”

Walburn added, “Technology is a big lure of staying in and our findings show how it’s transformed home habits, with Brits proudly investing in their households more than ever before. It’s now almost impossible to get bored at home, with endless box sets and the latest technology, such as 4K TV, enhancing the in-house experience, so much, that it often surpasses its outdoor equivalent. That coupled with social media, online shopping, and gaming with pals often means more pleasure can be had on a night IN than a night out.”

The Geeks React

We shared the findings around the Geeks & Beats Newsroom and got everyone’s thoughts:

I can tell you that I hit that point when I was 34. I vividly recall standing on the sidelines of the dance floor at the Phoenix and suddenly deciding that I was done with it all. That was nine years ago and I honestly miss nothing about clubbing. –  Jeremy Fleming

I pretty much stopped right when I hit my 30s…now I walk past clubs and a shudder goes down my spine. – Vsem Yenovkian

I’ve always been more a concert/live music girl than a clubber. I tried clubbing for a minute in my 20s…. but I was done with that by age 25. Now I’m back to concerts again! – Vanessa Azzoli

Clubs were never really my scene. Went to a few in San Francisco when I lived out there, at 23-24, but even then I wasn’t too interested in it. For me, it was more that I hate getting “dressed up” to go out and never have the “right” clothes for it but also that the music played there wasn’t my thing. Add in overpriced drinks and the waiting to get in… hard pass.  Now, going to concerts… that’s a whole different thing. – Amber Healy

I was a concert promoter for hip hop shows with REMG. I did maybe 2-3 shows a month for five years. Doing so much in such a rather small period of time, got me tired way too fast. While clubbing and concerts are two different things, both combined makes me feel tired. I’m more of a bar guy. Add a good cover band and I’m all set. I only go to concerts every couple of years. I’m going to A Perfect Circle in Toronto this November.  – Shane Alexander

LOVED (and sometimes strangely miss) my clubbing days. I was a bartender and shooter girl at a hip club in Nepean, and although I limited my real clubbing days (so I could make my rent while in school), they were some great times! My clubbing days ended in my late 20s. I 100% agree with the study and I am surprised that it is not early 30s! – Krista Holmes

I’ve never been a clubber either so you can add me to that list! Even though I love dancing, I didn’t love my few club experiences in university. House parties and concerts are where it’s at. – Gabrielle Bossy

I’m surprised the age is 37! I would go clubbing in my early 20s but I got tired of the scene. They were too crowded. Too expensive. Too loud. And back in the day when you were allowed to smoke inside, there was just too much smoke. I much prefer going to a concert or a pub these days with a couple of friends. Oh, and the hangover. The bloody hangovers. – Alan Cross




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