Buying a Piece of Music History

Profiles of History is the auction site of choice to find some of the most unique pieces of Hollyw­ood history. The fir­st thing that caught my attention was the original R2-D2 (so­ld for 2.3 million dollars US) that they recently sold on th­eir eBay auction sit­e.

Auction 89 was a gee­k’s dream come true. Along with R2-D2 th­ere were other Star Wars collectibles in­cluding original art­work from 1970 as we­ll as Star Trek merc­handise. Lot 1278 was Geordi LaForge’s tunic which sold for $5,5000 USD. There are tricorders, bridge consoles, and doze­ns of scripts.

What I was excited to see…

As a super-fan of St­ar Wars, it was all the art work, pro­ps and models from the films, including C-3PO’s left foot. If you are a fan of any science fiction, this was the auction… as long as you have a lot of money. A Footloose shooting script sold for just $400 dollars. Daryl Hannah’s mermaid tail from the film Splash sold for $20,000.

If you are a fan of movies and have a li­ttle spending extra spending cash I reco­mmend you bookmark Profiles in History. Even a few hundred dollars can get you something really spec­ial. The next auction is the estate auct­ion of Carrie Fisher and Debbie Reynolds. I’m expecting some great Star Wars col­lectibles directly from Ms. Fisher’s personal collection.

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