The World’s Most Popular Podcast™ returns bleary-eyed and hung over from the Canada Day Long Weekend July 5th!

After more than a year on hiatus, Alan and I are getting the band back together!

The biggest issue over four years of producing The World’s Most Popular Podcast™ was producing everything else that orbited around the big show. From social media, the G&B newsroom, to interview booking, there was just so much more that went into Geeks & Beats than two jamokes talking for 42 minutes each week. I wasn’t willing to bring back the podcast unless someone else could do that heavy lifting, and we knew we’d have to pay them for their time.

Alan and I are pleased to announce Vanessa Azzoli has accepted the thankless job of Executive Producer! She’s been critical in guiding our website over the last season and she knows music and tech (sorry boys, she’s taken). And we really had to back up the truck with cash: we’re basically going to have enough dough after costs to take Vanessa and her hubby out for dinner once a month for her troubles. Want to write for the show? Contact Vanessa!

Season 5 of the big show will see some changes:

 Reduce the show from 42 minutes to 30 for a more commuter audience and to save my sanity in the editing room

Regular interviews of interesting guests

More giveaways of cool gadgets for patrons

All the big contributors at G&B dotcom over the last four years are unpacking their things into the old offices as we speak.

We thought about launching a If we get $xxx in donations per episode, we’ll hire a producer but it felt manipulative and greasy.

Instead we’re going to greasily manipulate you by saying, “we’ll keep going so long as we can keep the donations up.” Some day we may even have sponsors.

Can we count on your support? Join The World’s Worst Intern Program for $1 or for $25 be a big shot and get a genuine co-producer credit on the show! Or buy some of our sweet, sweet show swag! The cash we make gets plowed back into making the show bigger and better.

Support the show

So we’re getting the band back together. You in?

Michael & Alan

PS – Call (323) 319-NERD and leave a message for the first episode. Ask Alan Anything about life, music, or that suspicious rash!

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