Update: What Kind of Character Was Ferris Bueller?

Ferris Bueller's Room the Exhibit

Bueller… Bueller… Bueller…? What kinda person are you?

Joseph Clement and Sarah Keenlyside mission to save Ferris Bueller’s room was a huge success, as mentioned on the big show and in our recent article

“Life Does Move Pretty Fast” and several thousand people attended this one-of-a-kind exhibit. Here are a few photos of the recreation:

Ferris Bueller's Room the Exhibit

Ferris Bueller’s Room: the Exhibit

Ferris Room Door Way

Ferris Room Doorway

Ferris Keyboard

Ferris Keyboard

Ferris Stereo

Ferris Stereo









































If you missed the exhibit, you can catch it again in May. Just in time for the 30th anniversary of the movie’s release, Joseph Clement and Sarah Keenlyside will once again put their impressive recreation on display.

The May event called Ferris Fest is a festival of all things Ferris. The event will naturally take place in Chicago. Find out more here.

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What Kind of Character was Ferris?

At first, when you visit the recreation, you are taken in by all the “stuff” that fills the space. From vintage music posters to retro tech gear. The number of artifacts all at once is overwhelming.

As you spend time in what is essentially a movie set, you start getting a feeling for the character. After you take in all the 80s nostalgia, an image starts to form in your mind.

Being able to physically linger on a movie set is a rare experience.

When set designers create a movie set like this, they are trying to create a believable space filled with things the character would likely have. The objects in the room are only there to provide a feeling. Since you usually do not get to loiter on any one image for long.

Two items caught my eye.

Ferris Bueller's Computer

Ferris Bueller’s Computer

















Notice the book under the computer? 

How about this photo?

Ferris' Bookcase

Ferris’ Bookcase





















How about the VHS tape at the top of the stack?

The first impression is, where did Ferris get all his money? There is a lot of expensive gear in this room. How about his day off? How did he afford the lunch in the expensive restaurant? What about cab fare or afternoon ballgame tickets?

Then, there were Ferris’ rather nasty character traits:

  • Lied to people he loved
  • Regularly took actions that put his friends at risk.
  • Hits his friends
  • Generally, he wreaked havoc everywhere he went.

It may surprise you but the two items I was hinting at in the above photos are tie-ins to Stanley Kubrick’s “A Clockwork Orange”

Here are the 2 items again:

A-Clockwork-Orange-VHS-cover ClockworkCovers_0006

It is no accident that the set designers placed not one, but two references to this dystopian film in Ferris’ room. Not only that, but they were prominently featured on top and clearly seen.

The popular message taken from Ferris Bueller’ s Day Off is about making the most of one’s life. “Get out and look around” because “Life Moves Pretty Fast.” All good positive messages.

Perhaps there was something more going on with his character than we first imagined. Aspects of Ferris’ behavior sound a lot like the Alex, the main character in A Clockwork Orange.

Not convinced? Watch this:


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