Star Trek Today: A View From The Bridge

It is hard to believe that the first 2 weeks of 2016 have gone by already. I am already getting behind in my work! This year, September 8, 2016 marks the 50th Anniversary of the original Star Trek television series. While the actual anniversary may be a few months away, each month we will feature special articles and features that will look at various aspects of this ground-breaking show.

While I do write about other topics at Geeks & Beats, Michael does refer to me as the “Geeks & Beats Federation Consultant” – or a “Red-Shirt” to Alan. Classic Star Trek is and was my first geek-love, so each month I will be covering this half-century anniversary.

I have affectionately called this post “A View From The Bridge.” We’ll take a look back at the recent news and happenings in the Star Trek universe. The emphasis will, of course, be on classic original Star Trek, with “no bloody, A, B, C or D“. Ok, I might cover a little…


As originally reported here at Geeks & Beats back in November (my very first post) more details of the next Star Trek series continue to trickle in. The new series was never intended to land on the CBS network and was always considered a streaming series as reported here. Glen Geller, CBS Entertainment network president says,

I don’t have anything to do with it. It really is for All Access. While the network will be broadcasting the pilot, I actually can’t answer any creative questions about it. I’m looking forward to seeing the new Star Trek. I think it’s going to be an exciting project.

The web-streaming series in development from producer Alex Kurtzman is expected to reach earth in January 2017. Which oddly will miss the actual 50th anniversary, did they not see this coming?

On January 10, 1969, 47 years ago, the unforgettable Star Trek episode “Let That Be Your Last Battlefield” aired. This episode featured the memorable performance of Frank Gorshin as a half-white half-black alien race from the Planet Cheron. The episode confronted the issue of race and skin colour that was at the center of American culture in 1969. The episode aired just 9 months after the death of Martin Luther King Jr.


First ever official Star Trek Cruise

The first ever Official Star Trek Cruise is completely sold out. This cruise will set sail January 9, 2017, and will see fans and Star Trek celebrities on a 6-day 6-night voyage through the Bahamas ending up at Miami. The honorary captain will be none other than William Shatner, himself. Only if your transporter is working you may still be able to win tickets here.


Star-Trek-Las-Vegas[1]There is still time however to book your next vacation to attend the official 50th anniversary Star Trek Convention in Las Vegas. Star Trek conventions have been staple in Trekdom (is that a word?) since the early 70s. This one should be quite the event. Once again our ever-vigilant captain will be a guest of honour. Check out the full details here.


Original Enterprise Model Builders

In 1964 (the first Star Trek Television pilot began filming on Dec. 12, 1964) the original 11-foot Starship model was built based on designs by Matt Jefferies. Meet some of the men who built NCC- 1701 in this rare photo. Today’s special effects are rendered in CGI, leaving nothing tangible to put in a museum. Fortunately for us, the original model is under the care of the Smithsonian Museum where it is currently being lovingly restored.


ndd Medical Technologies Inc. is sponsoring a new documentary about the late Leonard Nimoy. ndd Medical is a medical technology company that specializes in devices that help treat and diagnose COPD. Leonard Nimoy, played the beloved Mr. Spock in the original 1966 series and was diagnosed with COPD in 2013 and died of complications from the disease in February 2015. Mr. Nimoy worked hard to educate people about the disease once diagnosed and gave this project his blessing before passing. The documentary will continue Nimoy’s work of educating people about COPD while entertaining viewers with his life story. Read more here.

Check back often for more updates. Until then, “Live Long and Prosper”

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