#Nickelback Now a Player in US Presidential Race

Words I never thought I’d write: Poor Nickelback.

In the past few weeks, someone (or a roving band of merry pranksters) has been attending rallies for two leading candidates for the Republican nomination for president in the United States, Calgary-born Ted Cruz and mystery hair man Donald Trump, proudly carrying a simple sign.

“Ted Cruz Likes Nickelback,” the sign shouts.

Does it matter whether he does?

How does the band feel about being used as a pawn in a hotly contested mess of a political race?

How DOES Ted Cruz feel about his fellow-until-he-renounced-his-citizenship-conveniently-18-months-ago countrymen? Can he sing “Photograph” during a karaoke-themed happy hour for exhausted staffers? Does he want to join singer Chad Kroger on the rock star fantasy life he outlines in “Rockstar”? The world may never know.

It’s fine for Cruz to run for president in the US, by the way. Well, legal. Whether it’s fine is another question for another post altogether. But I digress.

It’s unclear whether this is the same guy going around to various campaign stops or if it’s a loosely organized movement crisscrossing the Lower 48:

But at least he’s (they’re?) not just picking on poor ol’ Teddy.

I thought Trump was the candidate brave enough and strong enough to speak his mind—does that only apply to him and not to members of his audience? This is the same guy who recently had some silent protesters thrown out of a rally, remember.

By the way, it appears at least one other Republican candidate has been targeted:



There’s another ten-and-a-half months of this to go, folks. Be glad you’re in Canada, where the electoral process takes a few months.

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