Using Music as a Weapon Against North Korea

The scariest person in the world right now is probably Kim Jong-Un, leader of North Korea. When word began circulating on Jan. 8 that the country had, allegedly, successfully tested a hydrogen bomb, it was nothing short of terrifying. This is the last thing we need.

But the response from South Korea, the people closest to the madness, was not fear. It wasn’t to cower and hide and fret and gnash teeth and pull hair. It was to grab some K-Pop tunes and have a dance party of sorts.

Many international news outlets, including CNN, reported that Seoul had reactivated its massive loudspeaker system near the demilitarized zone and resumed broadcasting not only propaganda, but music.

Among the selections, according to CNN:

Some are suggesting the obvious: Why not include Psy’s “Gangnam Style”?

For what it’s worth, North Korea is responding just like a kid throwing a temper tantrum might be expected to respond: It’s calling the broadcasts an act of war and sending artillery fire back across the border. That’s completely fair and equitable, right?

So as to make sure CNN’s crews were safe (the news outlet was reportedly the only one with reporters in-country as this unfolded), North Korean officials were said to have taken CNN staffers to a “science center, where people close to the project will explain the science behind it.”

For a little more on music used as a weapon in high-stress situations, go here.

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