Book Review: The Band Photographs by Elliott Landy

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– Litho 2: “Cover Photo, The Band Album,” 1969.

Landy has taken pictures of all of them. All the greats. Dylan. Hendrix. He was the official photographer at Woodstock. He snapped Morrison for the cover of Moondance, Landy shot the cover for Dylan’s Nashville Skyline. But  it’s only once in a career an outsider gains the trust of a client, that they let them in. Inside.

That client for Landy was The Band.

The clients became family.

Landy raised money for this compilation of photos through a well-organized Kickstarter campaign. The campaign ended up raising $193,626 – $128,626 more than the original $65k goal, and features hundreds of never seen before snapshots of the group from 1968 to 1969.

“In those days, there was only physical reproduction — it was on an album or in a magazine,” Landy says. “And how many of those kind of images do you need? 20? 15? Yet, I was taking hundreds of thousands of photographs.”

“There are so many great pictures that no one has ever seen but myself — and the inside of a Kodak photo-paper box,” Landy revealed. “Every time I visit the contact sheets, and the slides that I have, there are just so many more good pictures there.”

“In Rick’s Basement, 1969.” Capitol Records Promotional Poster. 20×30″

The book tells gives a sweet picture of comradery. Gives a historic snapshot of rock history. And tells a beautiful picture of the Canadian-American roots rock group. The coffee-table book will have a music fan enthralled for hours, star-gazing through the photos, just having a feeling that they were there with Landy.

“I’m 71 years old and I don’t feel old,” Landy said to The Huff Post. “I feel the same as I always did and I feel like I have eternity in front of me. But I realize that I have to start finishing things and this is an unfinished project, this book on The Band.”


Hardcover Book (160 pages) $44.99 Get it Here 

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