Win a Philips Hue Starter Kit and See the Light!

hue-packLights are the new way to decorate your home. With smart lights, it’s now possible to paint your home with beautiful colours of light.

Philips Hue are a Wi-Fi enabled light bulb that works with what Philips calls its “bridge”. The bridge must be physically connected to your home’s router via an included Ethernet cable, then this allows your bulbs to function on your home Wi-Fi

The Hue kit was easy to set up; once the bridge is plugged in, you use the app to set up the system, and then to control your bulbs. I love the simplicity of the Philips app, which has 2 pages of shortcuts to give you lighting profiles like candle light, ‘underwater’ and ‘hammock’ to name just a few.

The Hue, too, will allow you to use an infinite number of colours, in both warm and cool light. Philips also has an online portal which will allow you to access your bulbs from any computer, anywhere. Want to make it look like you’re home? Switch the lights on or off or program them as you wish. No need for those outdated timer boxes!

Don’t take my word for it, enter to win a Philips Hue Starter kit and see for yourself how much you can change the look of your home and make it function on your schedule too!

The only way you can win this sweet gear is by becoming a member of The World’s Worst Intern Program! Support the big show with a $1/episode donation and we’ll throw in a raffle ticket. Make it $2? Two tickets.

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The winner will be announced on the December 16th show!

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