This Chrome Extension Blocks #StarWars Spoilers

Just in case you won’t be able to watch Star Wars: The Force Awakens the day it comes out, Google Chrome is making it much easier for you to block any accidental – or on purpose – spoilers about the biggest film of the year.  Whenever the browser feels like it encounters anything that could be a spoiler on a web site – news article, tweet, Facebook post – or anything that contains the words, Star or Wars,  it will block the entry with a splash page that only fans would appreciate.

“Force Block is safer than ever!” Noted the app subscription page.  “Now, in addition to our standard pattern matching logic which requires a critical mass of related keywords to initiate a block, we’ve added a handful of instant-blocking keyphrases, sourced from people who have seen the film via early screenings”. They went on,  “One of our engineers took one for the team punching those in! Ironic, he could save others from spoilers… but not himself.”


You can use your Chrome browser to pick up Force Block here.


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