#SSEnterprise Better than #Millennium Falcon?

Does this make him a hero or a villain?

Neil DeGrasse Tyson, everyone’s favorite space geek, recently declared that Star Trek’s Enterprise is a superior spacecraft compared to Star Wars’ Millennium Falcon.

“There’s no question,” he told National Geographic in response to a question from a view of his show, StarTalk. “In a battle, the Enterprise would wipe its ass with the Millennium Falcon.”

And of course there’s a well thought-out, logical and comprehensive explanation for this.

“There’s no question,” he says. “The Enterprise has the benefit of being real in the sense that there are real scientists and real engineers on staff, on the ship, monitoring its engines, its warp drive, its photon torpedoes. It’s fake real, as opposed to the Millennium Falcon, which is fake fake.” The Enterprise, he adds, is the first spaceship designed solely for the purpose of exploration.


Let the debate begin!

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