Sheridan Students Stumped by Exam Question

Well, it stumped the students at Sheridan College in Oakville and also the internet.

The stumper was question 38 on a sound recording exam at Sheridan.

What is a Microphone?

While it might be an easy question – especially for those specializing in a field that uses microphones, it riddled all. Students  had only two answers to choose from:

True or False.

Wait. What?

One of the students got so confused, he took a picture of question 38 and posted it on Reddit on November 30. It has gotten over 500 replies.  “FALSE. ‘What’ is an interrogative pronoun.,” wrote one user, while another stated, “What is a microphone” is a perfectly valid A = B logical statement, and no supplementary statements have been presented to prove its falseness.”

“There is no wrong answer, it’s just more about pushing yourself and thinking outside of the box.” said, David Gray, a professor at the college, who also told the Toronto Star that the question was part of a running joke over the 15-week course. The question was meant to make students think independently.

“Trying to break them out of the high school mentality of regurgitation, I wanted to get them to think more openly, so I started putting these funny questions on their quizzes and exams for bonus marks,” Gray told the Star.

So what is a microphone? True or False.  Let us know in the comments or leaving us a voice mail @  (323) 319-NERD


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