#NYE: Baby New Years’ Soundtrack

A Great Big World – This is the New Year  Before Say Anything got non-stop play on every single radio station, it seemed in Toronto, Big World had a piano-driven tune that got play on Glee and The Amazing Race.  This Is the New Year wasn’t as big as Say Anything, but it carried more weight with the inspirational lyrics.

Counting Crows – A Long December Back in 1996, Counting Crows’ Adam Duritz wasn’t having a decent December. A Long December is about a promising new year. Leaving the bad times behind.

U2 – New Years Day  Always look to Bono to kill a vibe. While others are trying to stay upbeat, and positive for a better year,  Bono is talking about the Polish political landscape in the early 80s, in U2’s heavy-hitting  anthem, New Years Day. 

ABBA – Happy New Year ABBA has always been a family favourite. My cousins, my sisters and I would pretend to be the group and perform ABBA tracks in front of family. We don’t have video of these shows, at all. Really, don’t ask. Anyway, we used to play this ABBA staple at family gatherings in the summer. It’s just a “let’s celebrate” type of tune, no matter the time of year.


Jamie Cullum – Next Year Baby   For that modern jazz, pop twist, I always look at my mate, Jaime Cullum. Next Year Baby will get you dancing and maybe inspiring ideas for a few resolutions for 2016.

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