Maybe this $2 Million Wu-Tang Album Sale Isn’t So Bad…

Update 12/15/2015: It’s not real. Gah! Can we just arrange this anyway?

The world seemed to erupt with hate earlier this week when news broke that the Wu-Tang Clan’s only copy of Once Upon a Time in Shaolin was sold to highly-controversial Turing Pharmaceutical co-founder, Martin Shkreli for a reported $2 million. Bloomberg reported:

Having participated in bidding wars for companies and drugs, Shkreli says he had a feeling from the start that he’d made the highest offer for Shaolin. As it turned out, he was right. Shkreli won’t say how much he paid. But someone familiar with the deal says that the Wu-Tang Clan sold him the album for $2 million. Before he closed on the acquisition, Shkreli was permitted to listen to a few more snippets to make sure it was all there. Shkreli delegated the task to an employee.

Wu-Tang member, RZA defended the group’s decision to sell to Shkreli: “The sale of Once Upon a Time in Shaolin was agreed upon in May, well before Martin Skhreli’s [sic] business practices came to light. We decided to give a significant portion of the proceeds to charity.”

Shkreli even started a YouTube livestream last night teasing viewers that he might “play something special.” Ugh.

Today, however, I think all has been redeemed. Twitter user, Rob Wesley tweeted yesterday what looks like a screen shot of the contract sign by Wu-Tang representatives and Shkreli. It’s still up in the air on if this is real or not, but I’d personally love to believe it. The game-changing clause reads:

The buying party also agrees that at any time during the stipulated 88 year period, the seller may legally plan and attempt to execute one (1) heist or caper to steal back Once Upon A Time In Shaolin, which, if successful, would return all ownership rights to the seller.

Awesome, right? Like really bad-ass. But, wait… it gets significantly better:

Said heist or caper can only be undertaken by currently active members of the Wu-Tang Clan and/or actor Bill Murray, with no legal repercussions.

Yes. So much yes. I picture Wu-Tang escorting a tuxedo-clad Murray going to fetch the album. Even if this is all just a mean joke, it’s nice to dream, no?


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