Radio’s Still Healthy, Still Engaging Listeners

Despite rumours to the contrary, broadcast radio is still kicking in Canada, thanks for asking.

In advance of the Ontario Association of Broadcasters Convention on Nov. 10, Audience Insights conducted a quick survey of 1,505 Canadians on their radio listening habits.

The results might be surprising to some: An average of six in 10 people surveyed said they listen to AM/FM radio daily, while one in 10 listen to a streaming music service every day. Spotify had the biggest draw for streaming services, with 29% of those asked listening to music that way at least once per week, followed by Songza (17%) and Apple Music (11%).

Jeff Vidler conducted the survey for Audience Insights and says that while there are many new ways of listening to music, it’s not the first time listeners have had so many choices. The same was true in the days of the eight-track, cassettes and Walkmans. “Even with the new music streaming services like Spotify and Songza, Canada’s live local radio stations still have very much their own space and continue to do very well.”

Our own Alan Cross will be moderating a panel on the future of radio during the convention, which will include a discussion on streaming terrestrial radio on smartphones and the relatively new concept of activating FM chips embedded in phones for another listening option.


For more on the conference, go here; for more on the Audience survey, read here.

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