Would you drive a car without a steering wheel?

Nissan has released a little more information on its future self-driving car, the IDS. The concept car, in addition to being all sleek and pretty and modern-looking, comes with a convertible dashboard that can switch from two handles on either side of a central panel to a smiling iPad in place of a steering wheel.


That’s a little odd, right? Maybe?

According to Jalopnik.com, the IDS, unveiled at the Tokyo Motor Show, “looks like a hyper-aggressive Leaf from 10 years in the future.” The concept car sports a 60 kilowatt hour-capable battery and an ultra-lightweight body made of carbon fiber.

“But the big killer app is how it switches from Piloted Drive to Manual Drive, which results in a transformation of the interior,” Jalopnik writer Patrick George says. “The seats rotate forward, the emoji-smiling iPad unit goes away, and the steering wheel swings out along with a new HUD. Two interiors at the touch of a button. That’s clever.”

Clever, sure. But will drivers be clamoring for it?

Read more about the IDS here.


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