Forget old school shaving, today you need LASERS to zap that ‘stache!


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It was hard to resist the lure.  Philips contacted me to ask if I’d be interested in learning more about their new beard trimmer.  Before I could say no, the representative added, “it has lasers”.

The Beardtrimmer 9000 is a standard trimmer by many accounts, but it has a few cool features that are making it popular with men, including the aforementioned lasers.

The Beardtrimmer 9000 has a dual-sided reversible trimmer head, for starters.  Philips describes it this way, “on one side, the 1 17/64″ (32mm) high-performance trimmer cuts very close while protecting your skin. On the other side, the 5/8″ (15mm) precision trimmer creates a detailed look, even in those hard-to-reach areas like under the nose and around the mouth. The trimmer’s small size and angled design make it easy to see what you are doing for accurate fine lines and details.”

How Philips Beardtrimmer 9000 works

To select your preferred trim length, just turn the zoom wheel on the handle until the length you want is displayed. Your chosen length is now ‘locked in’ for a precise and even trim.  When you turn on the razor, and enable the lasers (you can also shut them off), it shoots out a red line so you can see exactly where the razor is cutting.frikkin lasers

The laser (does anyone else hear Dr Evil in their head when someone says “lasers”?) guidance system projects a long, sharp line of light to guide your trim, pointing out where the hairs will be cut so you get it right every time.

The beard trimmer is cleaned by just rinsing the water-resistant trimmer under the tap.

Men test the Beardtrimmer 9000

Since I’m not a man and have no beard, I shared the Beardtrimmer 9000 with two men I know; my husband Roger (who will occasionally rock a bit of stubble) and neighbour, Mr. Gary (who sports a medium length beard).075E4FC4-17DD-41C4-A315-1E131764EEE5

While both men liked the trimmer itself, they found the laser was kind of “overkill”.  Roger (short stubble) said it didn’t help him much with his shave, as there wasn’t a whole lot of “guiding” needed, while Mr. Gary thought it was a bit much, and hard to get used to the laser lines jetting across his face.

“I’m not this exacting when I’m styling my beard,” he told me.

Roger adds, “Laser beams need to be stationary to work.  If the beam on the razor is moving while you are, it’s hard to keep things in line.”

So I was able to glean that this might be a better product for someone who is a little more exacting with their “manscaping” and rocks a much more precise beard.

While I was observing these shaves, I thought it looked neat to see the lasers lining up exactly where the trimming would happen, but I guess not being a man, I didn’t understand that shaving is apparently more of a “do it by feel” kind of manly grooming task that, unlike missile launching, leveling things, and eye surgery, doesn’t need laser guidance.

Gadget Spy Needed: we’ll give you a Beardtrimmer 9000

This is where I need your help. Philips has given us one of these Beardtrimmer 9000s to give away.  Check out the Geeks and Beats website during the month of November to see how to win one. I’d love some feedback from the winner of this super cool gadget after he’s tested it out.

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