The Hendo 2.0 Hoverboard Becomes the Future in 2015

In the movie, Marty McFly travels in a DeLorean time machine, and lands in futuristic Hill Valley on October 21, 2015. McFly uses a hoverboard from that time so he can escape from Griff and his gang of thugs.

“It’s been an amazing year,” says CEO and co-founder Greg Henderson.

This Wednesday, the company will ship 10 Hendo 2.0 boards to customers who paid $10,000 each through the company’s Kickstarter campaign, which apparently raised $510,590.

The Hendo 2.0 will feature quiet hover engines compared to the first prototype. Pro skateboard legend Tony Hawk also worked with Arx Pax to improve the hoverboard.

Hawk suggested using a smaller, skateboard-style deck, which gives riders the same foothold as on a regular skateboard,” says Henderson.

Also, the Hendon 2.0 uses skateboard-style mounts for the hover engines below. The adjustments give riders a more balanced, intuitive skateboard-style control over the hoverboard.

Henderson tells the San Francisco Chronicle that he’s in discussion with companies from New Zealand and England who want hoverboard-riding attractions.

“One (company) would let hoverboard riders sit and glide down a fast track,” Henderson says. “Who knows whatever sports people are going to come up with. It could be a new extreme sport.”




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