Dominos unveils customized delivery car

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We live in fascinating times, don’t we?

Domino’s has unveiled its new vehicle specifically for delivery, the DXP, build from a Chevrolet Spark but customized to hold one person and up to 80 pizzas. It also features a warming oven, designed to keep pizzas hot and to replace the traditional insulated carrier bag, which is locked and connected to the driver’s set of keys, “to prevent any miscreants from sneaking slices while the driver completes a delivery,” according to CNET‘s Andrew Krok.

Since there will only be one person in the vehicle at any given time, the rest of the interior has been customized to hold two-liter bottles of soda, dipping sauces and other pizza-related accouterments. There are currently 97 DXP’s on the road, all of which are in the United States (no surprise there!). The vehicles were a collaboration among Dominos, Local Motors—a company known for creating a 3D-printed vehicle—and Roush Enterprises. Roush wants to deliver 100 cars in 25 markets within 90 days, a feat that seems to be within arm’s length already.

The car also can be customized with decals and stickers identifying the driver and has a “delivery path illuminator” for those late-night cravings.  There’s no indication whether the car is specially equipped to prevent cheese from sticking to the top of the box or to keep toppings from sliding around en route.


Domino’s already has a handy little informative website up with more information on the vehicle, along with a tool to find a DXP in your neighborhood.

To learn more, read here, and check out Domino’s dedicated DXP site here.

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