Sold: One Gold Bikini, Worn Once

Someone just paid $96,000 for a bathing suit.

Granted, it was the gold bikini worn by Carrie Fisher in the iconic scene as Jabba the Hut’s slave girl in Star Wars. reports that the winner, who has somehow managed to stay anonymous since making the purchase on Saturday, gets one of the suits worn by Fisher. “The costume came complete with the collar and several links in the chain Leia used to strangle Jabba the Hut,” the website says.

This wasn’t the most expensive piece of geekdom picked up by a dedicated fan, however. That honour goes to another piece of Star Wars gear: a 16” model of Leia’s Blockade Runner, featured in Star Wars: Episode IV A New Hope brought in $450,000.

But lest a certain scruffy-looking nerf-herder feel overshadowed, the auction also included some memorabilia from Harrison Ford, albeit from his other franchise, Indiana Jones. Reuters reports a bull whip used by Ford went for $204,000 while a fedora, leather jacket and shirt each collected more than $72,000 as part of a three-day auction in Southern California.

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