North Korean Leader Kim Jong-Un Almost Assassinated by Guitar

If you’ve got siblings, you know the drill: There’s always the successful one and the daydreamer, the regimented taskmaster and the free thinker. Normally this isn’t a matter of national security—unless you’re the little sister of North Korean ruler Kim Jong Un.

According to various media reports, Kim Yo Jong, 26, had worked as a key aid to her big and god-like brother with responsibility for keeping him safe on various outings. She’s currently unemployed, however, due to some security lapses.

“In one incident during one of Kim’s ‘field guidance tours’ of a farm, he was nearly bashed in the head by an over-excited musician wielding a guitar,” The Daily Mail reports. Separately, during a festival, he was “mobbed by a crowd of excited youths.” Both of these incidents happened after an event in May, during which a surging crowd seized Kim’s hands and arms.

Prior to her dismissal (presumably just from the job, not from Earth), “she had been in charge of his daily schedule, including every ‘detail of his fashion and hair style,” according to Chosun Ilbo, a South Korean paper.

For more information and some fun pictures, read here.

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