It’s Finally Here: The Metal Emoji

Did you even know you wanted this?

When Apple updated iOS 9 last week, with iOS 9.1, it included some new emojis. A whole heap of new emojis, actually, including the long-awaited taco emoji, a hockey emoji, and this little number:


Or, as Livewire puts it, “Sometimes words just don’t do justice in conveying how you want to respond to something…Well, if you’ve ever received a text that said, ‘I just heard Dio on the radio!’ the only way to truly respond is with an image of the hand gesture of the metal horns. Until now, the inability to do this has plagued thousands, no, millions, of texters around the world. Apple has now brought this problem to an end…”


Of course, iOS 9.1 also includes a middle finger emoji. Our lives are now complete.

To read more about the ever-increasing vocabulary for non-verbal communication, read here.


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