Cue the Bat Signal! $2000 Reward for Missing Comic Books

“In the blink of an eye” 280 comics, which were in three boxes inside a large green suitcase, vanished.

“They were my brother’s possessions that he’s been avidly collecting since he was about eight or nine years old. He’s now in his 50s and quite a number of the issues are quite rare. They are collectable,” said Gail Munroe.

“I think it was a crime of opportunity, that someone picked up the suitcase and felt the weight of it and realized it contained more than clothing.”

Munroe had just returned to her Nova Scotia home after a weekend away and was unpacking her car. She left the green suitcase outside, since it too heavy and went inside to get help from her husband to bring it in.

“We’re hoping that someone will do the right thing,” she said. “This was basically my brother’s investment for his retirement and I personally feel so badly that these were taken on my watch.”

The collection included books dating back to the 1940s, 1950s and 1960s.  Batman, The Atomic Thunderbolt, Justice League and The X-Men, were among those that went missing.

Munroe has been checking locally to see if the thief has gotten money for the finds. She checked local Flea Markets and contacted comic book collectors around Nova Scotia.  People have emailed with possible leads, but she said none of the tips have panned out.

If nothing pops up, she is planning on expanding the search outside of the province.

“These aren’t things that can easily be replaced. There’s a huge sentimental value, of course, attached to them as well.”

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