Conspiracy Alert: The CIA Killed Bob Marley

It’s been decades since Bob Marley’s death in May 1981 from cancer, and there’s no question his musical legacy has cemented his role as an icon in Jamaica and beyond.

But now the legend of Bob Marley has a new twist: Was he assassinated by the CIA?

One rumor had insisted that his widow, Rita Marley, plotted his demise along with manager Chris Blackwell, all for Marley’s $30 million in royalties and the rights to his music.

In recent weeks, however, the theory that the CIA wanted Marley gone have resurfaced. Allegedly, CIA agents visited Marley at his home at 56 Hope Road in Kingston, where Marley was given a pair of boots by Carl Colby, the son of a former CIA director, William Colby. Reportedly, when he put the boots on, Marley was pricked by something sharp, finding a copper wire that somehow was contaminated with a carcinogen that turned into a malignant cancer, spreading from his toe through the rest of his body.

A few days later, Marley and his entourage were attacked by gunmen and his wife and manager were hurt, and his mysterious foot injury forgotten in the ensuing chaos. In 1977, Marley injured the same foot playing soccer, and when he realized the pain wasn’t going away, he went to a doctor who promptly told him the toe needed to be amputated, but Marley, a Rastafarian who believed a higher power would take care of it for him, he refused treatment. This was followed by the development of acral melanoma, an aggressive but rare cancer that spread throughout his body and, by the time Marley realized the seriousness of his condition, it was nearly too late. ┬áHis medical records have been sealed.

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