#BlueJays to Avenge 1985 Defeat from KC Royals: Don’t You Forget About ’85

TORONTO, ON - JANUARY 15 - *IMPORTANT: Subject does not want face to be photographed. The story is about sports teams transitioning to digital tickets and the death of the souvenir ticket stub. Scott Ingram is a souvenir ticket collector with hundreds of stubs in a binder. January 15, 2015. Andrew Francis Wallace/Toronto Star

Meme by G&B’s Shane Alexander



In 1985, Toronto saw their first AL East tittle, clinching with  George Bell catching the  victorious fly-ball at Exhibition Stadium.


The year also saw Coke’s  New Coke.


Back to The Future opened in theatres, becoming the highest grossing film for the year.


Also in the cinema, Rambo The Colour Purple, Out of Africa, Breakfast Club, and The Goonies all had box office success.

Movie trivia: On June 5th, The Cubs played the Atlanta Braves in a baseball game at Wrigley Field. Parts from the broadcast later pin this date as the day Ferris took a Day Off.


Calvin and Hobbes made their first appearance in 35 newspapers on November 18th. World Wrestling Federation held The Brawl to End It All in a huge event for the Rock’N’Wrestling Connection. On s sad note, the music world lost Ricky Nelson after the singer died in a plane crash on New Years Eve.

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