Best New #iPhone Feature? It’s Waterproof

The shiny new iPhones that went on sale last week are an improvement over just about everything else in the smartphone world, but the most impressive quality hasn’t been advertised.

According to Wired, Apple has a “brilliant new technique” it “quietly pioneered” which makes the $650 communications device/life assistant somewhat impermeable to water. It seems the company decided to waterproof the phone’s internal logic board, so the protective treatment doesn’t change the way the phone looks at all.

“It’s basically a thing wall, it almost looks like wetsuit material,” Jeff Suovanen, an iFixit engineer, tells Wired. “It’s not that, but it looks like that. It’s soft, spongy, you can press on it and feel it give a little bit. It’s surrounding those little logic board connectors, and then the ribbon cable connects over the top and creates a little pressure seal to keep the water out.”

For more details and an explanation on the phone’s other features, read here.

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