A Perfect Pairing

Some things shouldn’t go together. Science and Auto Tune seems like such a pairing, but that’s not the case.

Melodysheep, aka web filmmaker John D. Boswell, has created a brief bit of video beauty: He’s taken testimony given by both Neil DeGrasse Tyson and Bill Nye and Auto-Tuned it, using their soaring rhetoric about exploration, learning more about our place in the universe and the importance of always looking beyond the next horizon with some technological magic and created a beautiful tribute to the Planetary Society for the organization’s 35th anniversary.

Check it out:

It’s rather stunning, isn’t it? Also appearing in the video are Carl Sagan, creator of the original Cosmos TV series and writer of legendary astrophysics books that made incredibly complex concepts about space understandable, and Emily Lakdawalla, whose title with the Planetary Society is senior editor and planetary evangelist. C’mon–that’s a great title.

For more on the Planetary Society, read here.

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