As explained on the company’s website: “when in luggage and in an airplane cargo holds, Trakdot’s patented technology shuts off its transmit-and-receive capability and enters ‘airplane mode’.” Once back on the ground, the Trakdot wakes up, connects to the region’s cell network, and reports in via your smartphone.

And this one could be yours!

There’s only one catch: gadget giveaways on the big show only go to our interns. But fear not! You can be a member of The World’s Worst Intern Program for as little as $1 an episode. What makes it the worst? You pay us to work here and do absolutely no work. It’s like a real Hollywood intern program! Support the show, and we’ll support you back.

For every $1 in support, you get 1 “raffle ticket”. Support the show with a $10 donation? 10 tickets. It’s all done through Patreon, like all the big shot podcasts.

The winner will be announced on the Wednesday October 7th show!

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