Remembering Son of S.O.U.L: Toronto DJ Legend Passes Away

Welost Masimba Kadzirange.  He was known to the Toronto music scene as DJ Son of S.O.U.L.  Friends, fans, and family  mourned the loss of one of its groundbreaking leaders. His passion for the music he spun was evident, every time he took out a record, rubbed  it on his shirt and placed it delicately on the turntable. He was the king of Funk 45s.

While the industry lost a huge talent that had done so much for our scene, we lost a friend. Simba was one of the good guys. Great guys. Maybe, greatest guy. There wasn’t anyone nicer. Genuine.  I, personally took  it as a privilege and honour to have considered Simba an industry brother. He was always supportive. Fame Fantastic he would call me, followed by a pound and one his warm bear hugs.

Quick story. Founder of REMG, and former manager of Bass is Bass and Ivana Santilli, Jonathan Ramos threw a surprise birthday party for Santilli on the old Bamboo rooftop, one year. The sun was shining, the music was groovy and the guests  were festive. As soon as I got there, I darted across the patio and headed to the bar. I felt like something new to drink. While I was waiting to be served, I heard “What Up, Fame Fantastic?: Simba stood with me at the side of the bar.  The ‘tender soon  came up to take my order. Catching up with Simba, I still hadn’t decided on what to order. In an impulsive choice,  I said “Uhh..I’ll have a Sol.”. I settled up while still talking to Sims. I had my first sip of the the beer. Sims asked how the beer was. I had never seen Sim  drink, so I thought he was asking because of the name of the beer. I replied, “Dope. Refreshing. It should be happy it was named after such a good man”. I don’t think he got it by his blank expression. Sims nodded and smiled politely, gave me his huge hug and left to speak to some more people. It was just before I had to leave, when Sim suddenly came up to me laughing. He gleefully exclaimed, FAME! I finally got what you said. The beer is Sol. I’m Sol!! It felt like I had just fed him the most laughs he had all year.

Just an example of how Simba made his friends feel like a million bucks, by just giving him a small moment of joy during his day. He gave back with his music and knowledge.

Simba’s Facebook Tribute Site

For more information on Funeral Arrangements

To help with the cost of the funeral, the family has set up a GoFundMe page.  


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