The Top 10 Ontario By-laws You Had No Clue you Were Breaking

Lets look at the top 10 by-laws citizens disobey in Ontario, shall we?


10You can’t drag a dead horse down Yonge St. on Sundays. Yup, you just can’t. Sorry but times are seriously changing.

Try swinging the deceased horse over your shoulders as you head down past Yonge-Dundas Square on your way to mass at St. Michaels Cathedral.

9In Oshawa, it’s illegal to climb trees at all times so if you or you know of any kids that have an illegal and discreet tree club house, disband it immediately before the Oshawa police arrest you for living a playful lifestyle.


8In Kanata, the colours of homes and garage doors are regulated by city by-laws where if you paint your exterior doors purple, you will get fined. Although, no matter how much you decorate your favourite purple door, you should get fined anyway.



7When you visit Guelph, make sure you urinate before leaving the bar. Guelph has a strict no-pee zone but if you do decide to let it out in public and enforcement is on your tail, expect to get a fine of $365.

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longgrass6If you’re planning on buying or renting a house in London, make sure you invest in a lawnmower that cuts below one and a half inches of grass. It is against the law to grow your grass blades higher than one and a half inches but if you don’t mind paying $200 for the fine, grow away for the time being. The city however will come by and chop your beautiful long grass blades as they hand you the hefty ticket fine.


670px-Create-Glow-in-the-Dark-Log-Campfire-Stools-Step-65If you’re thinking of signing up for that wooden log painting course near your corner store, you will be fined for such a hideous crime. If you want to take this craft up, you’re going to have to travel across the border and then leave your painted wooden logs there. Under no circumstances are you allowed to be seen with painted logs in Canada. It’s just…not…allowed.



4It is illegal to kill a sick person by frightening them. Let’s be clear here. So, if they’re healthy, and you scare them, you’re not responsible for their immediate death. Alrighty then!



3Etobicoke residents are not allowed to have more than 3.5 inches of water in their bathtub at any given time. Yikes! I’m an Etobicoke resident and fortunately I’m not a bather for bathtubs. Why is this by-law just in effect Etobicoke though? Keep scratching your heads. We’re almost done here.


nofiveyearoldsinfridge2In Ottawa, (and only in Ottawa) children under the age of five must not be locked in any type of refrigerator. In Ottawa, our nation’s capital, the home of our House of Commons and where our Prime Minister resides – any children that are five years old or older however are allowed to roam and play inside any fridge, just as long as they fit in it comfortably.



1It’s illegal in Ontario to have your license plates covered, or obstructed. Even if you have a license plate frame with no cover over the plate itself, it is still deemed illegal. The Ontario Highway Traffic Act states that license plates must be naked clean since license plates have to be visibly identified by photo-radar.

GTA resident Chris Rowe was ticketed three times by police and each time he received a fine for $115.



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