Thirteen Signs Dave Grohl is a Superhero

The Foo Fighters' Dave Grohl performs at RFK Stadium on Saturday, July 4, 2015, in Washington. (Photo by Nick Wass/Invision/AP)
Move over Batman and Superman. There’s a new superhero that may be coming soon to your town where you’ll have a shot at witnessing to see him to learn to walk again. Forty-six year-old lead singer and guitarist Dave Grohl of the Foo Fighters is at the helm of one of the greatest and most successful rock bands in the last two decades. Since fracturing his foot over two months ago, Grohl insists he must keep their latest tour to continue even though when they’re all onstage, Grohl’s the one stuck in a chair, although it is equipped with many lights and guitars. They’re currently on their Sonic Highways tour which shows no signs of slowing down for the rest of this year. Even though Grohl fractured his fibula during the beginning of the tour this summer, he continues to ferociously play in the same manner he always has. This time around however, he’s stuck to his ‘Dave of Thrones’ chair.
You must be asking yourself, ‘if Grohl is superhuman, then why does he have a fractured leg?’ Well, let’s find out and investigate thirteen ways on why Dave Grohl is nothing more than an extreme and mighty superhero.


13He’s a big tipper.

A few summers ago in 2012, Grohl, who was staying nearby at the Rittenhouse, tipped the bartenders at Smith & Wollensky a thousand dollars after only having one drink and then another thousand dollars the following night. I guess Grohl felt guilty on the second night since he ordered a few more drinks.



He gives to charity.

Not only does Dave give away his money at the bar, he also gives it away to his most important causes where just some include, Elton John Aids Foundation, Entertainment Industry Foundation, Stand Up To Cancer and Whatever It Takes.

11He loves all kinds of music.

When Dave and his Foo Fighters appeared at the 2012 Grammy Awards to play their hit song “Rope” (followed by Deadmau5′ remix of the song) he later said during the ceremony that, ‘singing into a microphone and learning to play an instrument and learning to do your craft, that’s the most important thing for people to do.’

Unfortunately, Dave had some drinks in him when he said that and a day later, clarified what he meant to say:

“I love music. I love ALL kinds of music. From Kyuss to Kraftwerk, Pinetop Perkins to Prodigy, Dead Kennedy’s to Deadmau5…..I love music. Electronic or acoustic, it doesn’t matter to me. The Simple act of creating music is a beautiful gift that ALL human beings are blessed with. And the diversity of one musician’s personality to the next is what makes music so exciting and….human.”


He plays guitar solos with his broken foot.

There’ s nothing more admirable than playing a guitar solo with a fractured foot. Dave shows us how it’s done as he performs a foot solo for his fans at Toronto’s Molson Canadian Amphitheatre this past July. Here’s his solo during the song “Outside.”

9He offers to play drums with a different band.

Grohl filled in on drums for the band, Cage the Elephant. Four years ago Elephant’s drummer, Jared Champions’ appendix burst and was rushed to hospital. Since they were opening up for Foo Fighters, Dave asked their manager if he could fill in since he had some drumming experience with a band called Nirvana. Of course, they obliged. Lincoln Parish, who was the lead guitarist for Cage the Elephant told SPIN he had to pinch himself.

I turned around and Dave Grohl is playing the drums. It’s an amazing, once-in-a-lifetime experience. Nobody can replace Jared. But…it’s Dave fucking Grohl. If you’re going to be replaced by anybody, it might as well be the best.



He never ‘hit on’ Frances Bean Cobain.

Three years ago, Frances Bean Cobain wanted her mother Courtney Love, the widow of Kurt Cobain to be banned from twitter since Courtney stated that Dave “hit on” her only daughter. Frances had something to say about the situation.

…I have never been approached by Dave Grohl in more than a platonic way. I’m in a monogamous relationship and very happy. Twitter should ban my mother.

Well, that settles it.



He forbids fighting at Foo Fighters concerts.

At the iTunes Festival in 2011, Grohl stopped his band mid-way through their song, “Skin and Bones” to tell a guy in the audience who was looking for a fight to get the fuck out. Bravo Dave!


He got his Foo Fighters to play in Foo’s fans’ garages.

Foo Fighters’ 2011 album, Wasting Light was made in analog instead of digital because that’s the way Dave wanted it. No computer edits were involved in any of the songs on the album. In keeping with old traditions, Dave had a contest for Foo Fighter fans to have them come to a super-fans home and play a set in their garage. It turned out to be a success and the limited tour became to be known as The Garage Tour.


He drives his kids to school in a mini-van.

Also, Grohl tells Ellen he has no control of the music-dial in the van as he’s driving them.

I try to brainwash them with Beatles and Rolling Stones and stuff like that but at the end of the day, ‘it’s all about that bass.’


He tumbles off-stage and fractures his leg, gets a cast put on and goes back on-stage to finish the set.

We should all know this classy story by now, right? Go the 5:50 mark into the concert to see what transpires.


He says he was ‘high as a F ‘N’ Kite’ when he designed his throne.

After fracturing his fibula, Dave didn’t hesitate to return to the stage so while he was being treated with proper casting and as the doctors prescribed him with morphine and oxycontin, Dave drew up a sketch of what he wanted as his performance throne that was fit enough for a leading man of his band.



He and his Foo Fighters usually play three-hour concerts.

Not only that, but Dave is a phenomenal storyteller at concerts. Look and have a listen to Grohl explaining to the audience in Toronto how he fell off the stage in Sweden and broke his leg.



He and the Foo Fighters despise homophobia.

On August 21, 2015, The Foo Fighters were condemned by the Westboro Baptist Church (who are known for picketing funerals for public places to show they’re against homophobia and well, any kind of sin) before their show in Kansas City. Well, Dave and the rest of the Foo Fighters condemned right back by hopping in the back of a Chevy pick-up and blasting Green Day’s “American Idiot” and Rick Astley’s 1987 hit song “Never Gonna Give You Up”.

Band members held up signs that read “Keep It Clean” and “You Got Rick roll’d.” ‘Rickrolling’ is an internet prank where people are lured into going to Internet sites that open to Rick Astley’s hit song. The Foo Fighters also sang a gay love song called “Keep It Clean” to Westboro protesters in 2011 to counter the Church’s gay views.

As long as Dave is keeping it real, we’ll never give him up anytime soon.











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