Lost Luggage No More: Trakdot Luggage Tracker Review

The worst part about lost luggage is that most airlines can only tell you, “It’ll turn up”. They usually have no idea where it is, let alone how long it might take to get it back, and that adds rage to the frustration.

The solution?  Take matters into your own hands.  You can now locate your lost luggage by using a small, deck-of-cards-sized tracker that sends emails, texts, and alerts to your smartphone. From pretty much anywhere in the world. Meet the Trakdot.

How it Works


Trakdot uses “newly patented micro-electronics and ground-based cellular telephone technologies” to find and advise you where your luggage is at. As explained on the company’s website: “when in luggage and in an airplane cargo holds, Trakdot’s patented technology shuts off its transmit-and-receive capability and enters ‘airplane mode’.”  Once back on the ground, the  Trakdot wakes up, connects to the region’s cell network, and reports in via your smartphone.

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