HAHA! Take that, LOL.

“Roughly 15 per cent of the people who posted or commented during that week used at least one e-laugh,” reads the report. “For those people that laughed, we analysed how many times they laughed … around 46 per cent of the people posted only a single laugh during the week, and 85 per cent posted fewer than five laughs.”

It should also be noted that they found 52% of those who laughed, used only one single type of laugh throughout the week. 20% of users used two different types of e-laughter. 51.4% choose haha and other forms of it, like hahaha, and haahhhaa.

Meanwhile, emojis were the second-most popular way to laugh out loud online, with a laughable 33.7%, for the pictographic icons. LOL only had 1.9% of all e-laughter analysed.

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