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The NFL’s training camp doesn’t start for several weeks, but already there’s hot speculation as to who will perform at the Super Bowl Halftime show in early February 2016.

This is getting to be as bad as holiday gifts and decorations rolling out in August. Anyway.

According to Mashable, the leading contenders this year include Taylor Swift and Brittney Spears, at least at this early date.

Of course, these names are not without some obstacles to overcome like so many linebackers to dodge and sacks to avoid.

Taylor Swift, for example, has that promotional deal with Diet Coke, and the halftime show is sponsored by Pepsi. But one Pepsi executive has already thought about that scenario. Adam Harter told Mashable that considering “competitive relationships” is one of many things to consider when selecting a performer for one of the most watched TV events of the year. In other words, it could still be the Taylor Swift show.

But she’s not the only fair-haired songstress with her eyes on the end zone.

This will be the 50th anniversary of the season-ending NFL game, nearly guaranteed to smash any and all viewing records for such an event. And if Pepsi really wants to win the evening, they might consider going with their own golden girl, Britney Spears, who had been a Pepsi “advocate” and celebrity endorser. Nor is she a stranger to the Super Bowl, having starred in an ad during the 2015 game and making a guest appearance during Aerosmith’s set in 2001.

For more speculation on who’s going to have one of the largest stages in the world between multi-million-dollar commercials, go here.

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