Mmmm..Beer! Are you ready to get Duffed?

The popular beer at Moe’s will soon expand across the globe particularly in South America. The premium larger that has a good balance of flavour and refreshment, will finally be available in real life. This will let long time viewers of The Simpsons,  who salivated every time Homer took a gulp of the favourite fictional cold one, can also enjoy in their own happy hour.

For years, markets have been trying to get Duff Beer on tap, however, since the beer doesn’t really exist, Fox ran into trouble protecting the copyrights. The company decided to stop the battle of the copycats and create an official product.

The beer will first launch in Chile. “Once you see enough piracy, you are faced with two choices” Jeffery Godsick, president of Fox’s consumer products division, told the Wall Street Journal. “One is decided to fight it, and the other is declining to go out (into other markets) with it”.

As for North Americans, the only place to grab a cold Duff, for now, is at Universal Studios parks in Orlando and L.A.. But we might have the real thing here, sooner rather than later. Godsick advises, “I think there’s a potential to have Duff everywhere in the world”.

To quote Duffman, “Oh, yeah!

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