“Hey, Barn! Life has 15 Unpublished Photos of Us!”

The photos were originally used for a piece the magazine was doing on the prime-time animated series. They only used three photos. However, the photographer, Allan Grant, took 850 photographs for the assignment, where he documented every part of the goings-on in the studio.

Check out a few of the these rare gems:

Story meeting. Standing, left to right: Joe Barbera, Bill Hanna, Warren Foster, Seated, L. to R: Dan Gordon, Alan Dinehart, Unidentified, Michael Maltese, Alex Lovy.

Bill Hanna grilling steaks for his family.

Cameraman shooting Flintstones cels under the camera.

An inker working on an unpainted Fred Flintstone cel

Mel Blanc (Left) and Allan Reed recording the voices of Barney Rubble and Fred Flintstone, respectively

Joe Barbera’s secretary, Maggie Roberts, Reading something to him.


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