Counting them Down, Not in Order: 37 Years Ago on the Billboard Chart

Wonderful Tonight – Eric Clapton

Fast Hands Clapton has been a favourite of mine since I heard Layla on the MTV Unplugged album. I would research his earlier albums, and just fell in love with the sounds of Cream. While being one of the best on the strings, he’s a great storyteller. Wonderful Tonight clocked in at 16 this week on the Billboard Chart.

Still the Same – Bob Seger

Dad got me into Bob. A few years ago, my Dad called me while I was celebrating a huge birthday on my local’s patio. I picked up, thinking it’d be Dad’s customary early birthday wish. All I heard were girls yelling, muffled singing, and Dad faintly yelling at me, that he’s at the Seger concert. Bob was playing this song at the time. Still the Same was parked at the number 5 position on the Billboard chart this week in ’78.

If I Ever See You Again – Roberta Flack

Like most kids of my generation, I really found out about fantastic Flack after Fugees dropped their re-make of Flack’s hit, Killing Me Softly. The family would spin some of her tunes at gatherings, and I always appreciated her soulful voice. But it wasn’t till Lauryn sang Rorberta’s words, was when I started to really hear her. (Pardon the White Man Can’t Jump reference). This lovely tune was at the 25th spot this week on the Billboard chart, 37 years ago.

Only the Good Die Young – Billie Joel

He sings my favourite song of all time. He has been my favourite since I heard Uptown Girl. I saw him live, sharing the stage with Elton John at the Skydome, for the Face-to-Face tour. He’s an icon and from what Dad tells me, a rocking dude. Only the Good Die Young was dying on the charts this week in ’78. Falling to the 37th spot on the Billboard.

Rivers of Babylon – Boney M

By the Rivers of Babylon, this song was the most overplayed track in my household growing up. Boney M has always been the go-to group to put on during the Holidays. It wasn’t till my early teens when I realized that Boney M sang more than just Christmas carols. This classic was going up river, floating nicely at the 33th spot, 37 years ago this week.

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