Win These Sweet RHA T10i Headphones!

These are $250 in-ear noise isolating headphones with an over-ear hook design to keep them in your noggin while jogging or not jogging. The dynamic driver of the T10i has a replaceable tuning filter to customize the frequency response to your own earballs. For the gear heads: 16-22,000Hz impedance 16 ohm sensitivity 100db rated/max power 1/5mW.

And since it’s in-ear, it comes with a large collection of silicone buds to fit you perfectly:


The 3 button remote and microphone works with your iPhone or Android device.

And when you’ve got ’em in your earballs, you can look like a professional musician:


How can you win?

Donate $1 to the show and we’ll put 1 “raffle ticket” in the draw with your name on it. Donate 10 bucks? 10 tickets.

You donate by joining The World’s Worst Intern Program. What makes it the worst? You pay us to work on the show. And you don’t actually do any work. Everybody wins!

The winner will be announced on the Wednesday July 1st Canada Day episode!

Enter the Raffle!
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