The Spice Girls Reveal The Dirty Little Secret Behind Their Name

Victoria Beckham, known to some of us as “Posh Spice” (and to others as David Beckham’s wife), recently sat down with New York’s community and cultural centre, 92nd Street Y.

She talked about their monikers and why they were all nicknamed what they went by. Known for their “Girl Power” chants, the Spice Girls were role models to many young ladies in the 90s. Shockingly, “The Spice Girls” wasn’t their first choice of name. They originally went by “The Spicy Girls”- a name the ladies thought fit very nicely. But, a quick internet search (back then, kids, it was dial-up. Soooooo slow!) returned a popular porn website of the same name. Yup, I’d say they made a good choice in the name change.

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