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California garage punk band FIDLAR is looking to crossover to the mainstream with their new song 40oz. On Repeat. They cover a lot of montage performances in this video from, Eminem and Oasis to Jamiroquai and… Britney. Yes, it’s worth your time to watch and hear this. FIDLAR plays Toronto’s Riot Fest on September 20th.

Feeling a bit of pressure from working too hard this year? Let Billy Joel tell you all about it as he performs his ’82 synth-driven hit behind the walls of the U.S.S.R. in 1987. Joel was one of the first artists from North America to play a show there. Even though he was on communist soil, he still never shied away from his stage antics. Joel, 66, plays the Bonnaroo main stage on Sunday night.

Mumford & Sons have broken out of their folk shell and are now busting out rock tunes on their new album, Wilder Mind. The Wolf appears to be their most heaviest tune yet with wailing guitars and Marcus Mumford’s howling vocals. They’ll also be playing at Bonnaroo so if you’re planning on going, make sure to check them out since they should have an interesting set list.

Judging by their latest single, Toronto’s Metric seems to be gearing towards an upcoming heavy synth album. Their second single, Cascades sounds a lot like Daft Punk with the female sound of Haines’ vocals. Metric is gearing up for a month-long U.S. tour with Imagine Dragons next month. They’ll be doing their own headlining tour when their new album, Pagans In Vegas comes out in September.

I really wish that Joe Strummer was still with us so that The Clash would play some festivals. I think that they’d be into the idea of being in a varied lineup of bands on the same weekend. The Clash’s music transcends all border lines. Their own beat of reggae with rock and punk to new wave is something we’ll never hear for a long time, if not, at all again. Lost In The Supermarket has been playing at random often on my playlist lately so how could I not give my iPod some credit for selecting such an astounding tune? Written by Joe Strummer, but sung by lead guitarist Mick Jones, Lost In The Supermarket is the eighth track on their 1979 smash album, London Calling.




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