Justin Vernon is Team Spotify

The Bon Iver frontman is unimpressed with Apple Music, among other things, and he made it known via Twitter. Vernon referenced a Fact Magazine article by tweeting,  “the company that made me believe in companies, and not joking PEOPLE, is no more”. He went on by stating his own dip on music consumption over the last two years to Apple’s flagship product.

Vernon later remembered the innovative the design was on Apple products, such as, iTunes 3 and Movie 2.1.   “I remember the computer teaching ME how to use it, by having such amazing design,” he wrote.

While he made it clear he’s not hating on the company, he just wishes,  “that the humans who had the power, USED it to literally make things better.”

Vernon, who has been very vocal on his is appreciation for Spotify, recently thanked the Daniel Ek-led service for its part in turning him on to trip-hop legends, Portishead. Vernon wrote he’s been loving the service, but still prefers good ol’ fashioned physical music to digital or streaming.


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