Hey, McFly! Want to Ride my Hoverboard?


We’re four months away from the date that Mary McFly outsmarted Biff and buddies on a futuristic invention called a hoverboard. It made us dream that one day in the future, we, too will be able to ditch the road and cruise in the air using this far-out flying toy.

Car giant Lexus has revealed that they have been working on a real hoverboard. Yes, That’s right, Geeks. A hoverboard.

“It’s the perfect example of the amazing things that can be achieved when you combine technology, design and imagination,” said Mark Templin, Lexus’ VP.

The ‘board works just like a Maglev train – Permanent magnets in the board, which repel liquid nitrogen-cooled superconducting magnets, causing the board to…float. Gnarly.

Down side? This prototype won’t ever go on sale. Sigh. Seems that the ‘board will only hover when it’s got a strong magnetic field to repulse – in this case, one provided by the liquid nitrogen-cooled-superconducting magnets embedded in the ground upon which the board floats. So, yeah. We’ll still need our old fashioned skateboard to zip over to the corner store.

As Doc once exclaimed, Great Scott! Your other self will miss the lightening bolt, you won’t get back to the future and we’ll have a major paradox

(OK. That has nothing to do with the hoverboard, it’s just a classic quote.)







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