Going to Glastonbury? Take a raincoat.

The epic Glastonbury Festival takes place this weekend at Michael Eavis’ sprawling Worthy Farm in the English countryside, with dozens of performers ready to storm a handful of stages as revelers explore 27 distinct zones. Campers were beginning to set up Tuesday night for the event and a webcam went live this week for those who want to watch a remote feed of the excitement.

Long before the first notes are sung and (let’s be honest) the first substances consumed, there’s controversy, and it all centers on Kayne. Who else?

When it was announced that he’d be taking the main stage at this year’s event, an online petition was started demanding Kanye be uninvited. As of Tuesday evening, more than 134,415 people had signed in the hopes of getting him replaced with a more “deserving” rock band.

However, as the concert grew ever closer and it became apparent he was going to be there come hell or high water, some would-be partygoers decided to up the ante: There’s a good chance Kanye will be greeted with urine.

The UK Independent  reported on June 22 that a growing number of social media users are suggesting taking containers of pee to Kanye’s set and throwing them at him.

“I hope someone lugs a bottle of warm urine at that muppet Kanye West at Glasto so his face comes out in piss-blisters,” one person wrote on Twitter last weekend. This is something of a trend in the UK, apparently, as the Independent suggests the “recent fashion of dousing below-par performers – and, even moreso, their audiences – in wee via empty beer cups lobbed high into the air is a relatively new phenomenon, but one that’s now prevalent, and one that could pollute more than the environment” when Kanye takes the stage.

If you’re going to Glastonbury, and you’re intending to see him perform, either reconsider or bring rain gear. You’ve been warned.

In other, um, excretion-related news, the non-profit organization WaterAid is installing a “loo with a view” at this year’s festival to bring attention to the millions of people around the world without toilets.

The unusual latrines will be positioned near the main Pyramid Stage, where headliners (like Kanye and Florence and the Machine, filling in for Foo Fighters since Dave Grohl’s injuries forced them to cancel) will be performing. What makes them special, you ask? Well, the users on the inside of the doors will be able to see the lines of people waiting to take their turns inside. No one outside can see in, WaterAid promises.

“This installation will allow a brief glimpse into the lives of those who have nowhere safe to go to the toilet, and often suffer the indignity of being stared at, harassed or even attacked,” Chris Wainright, WaterAid’s head of communications, told Mashable. “This is an issue that particularly affects women and girls who often have to wait until dark to defecate in the open, making them more vulnerable to abuse.”

As in years past, WaterAid also will have stations around the festival grounds to provide clean, free water to help keep people hydrated, and the infamous “WaterAid Poo” will be making the rounds, trying to collect thousands of signatures for the “Make it Happen” petition to help secure toilets and taps for all people worldwide by 2030 as a UN Sustainable Development Goal.

It is also worth noting that this might be the last year for the concert in this location, according to PressReader. Emily Eavis, daughter of the event’s organizer and incredibly gracious host, says her father might want to change venues next year, if the event continues, because he only owns part of the land the festival overtakes.

And just for fun, some folks have recreated the entire festival, to scale, out of Legos.

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