Ubisoft Plans to Release VR Games

Recently, Occulus announced its Rift headset will be available to consumers sometime in early 2016. Pricing and pre-order details are set to be released in the next few months. And now, content producers are starting to get on board.

Ubisoft, the studio behind hit video game franchises including Assassin’s Creed and Far Cry, has announced its developing games to take advantage of VR technology once it hits the broader market next year. Unfortunately for fans, CEO Yves Guillemot is keeping tight-lipped about the titles in the works. But he’s fairly candid about the pros and cons of the technology, noting that the big challenge is to create games suitable for hardware that’s strapped to your head for potentially hours on end. “We believe a lot in virtual reality because we see that it is really giving a chance for gamers to be more immersed in worlds, and we are developing a certain number of games that are going to take advantage of this new possibility,” he told analysts on a conference call.

It’s not clear which platforms Ubisoft will support, or whether they’ll be interchangeable. On top of the Occulus announcement, Sony has also revealed intentions to release its VR headset early next year. Valve and Microsoft are also working on devices of their own.

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