Toronto Bands Headline Indie Rock Video Game

For years Toronto bands like Teagan & Sara, Metz, Metric and F–ed Up have garnered commercial and critical success the world over. But now they’re being given the job of not just delivering music to fans, but delivering fans from evil space invaders.

Toronto based developer Pop Sandbox is in the beta stages of creating their game Loud On Planet X. The premise being that after being transported to far off planet, Toronto bands use the power of their music to battle aliens.

The idea is to feature 24 songs by 12 different bands, but as you can imagine licensing all this music¬†doesn’t come cheap. Pop Sandbox is already massively in debt and needs to raise fifty thousand to get LOPX in the hands of gamers. So they’re putting their hopes ¬†into crowdfunding and have set up a Kickstarter page.

For contributing, fans can pick up some pretty cool swag including a limited edition 7″ record featuring some of the music included in the game and a picture book of band avatars, signed by the musicians themselves.

If their goal is reached, developers are hoping to release the game this fall on multiple gaming platforms including PS3, iOS and and Android.

To read more about the game and Pop Sandbox check out Polygon.

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