The New App is Snapchat for Music

Simple as Snapchat, Music Messenger lets you share music.  The app lets you share any song, and also gives you a choice to add a photo or a message.

“The ability to customize my music message with a photo is awesome,” revealed co-founder David Strauss. “My wife was angry with me last week and I sent her a Sade song with a picture of flowers and wrote forgive me, and it was all good after that.”

Music Messenger launched last fall, but has just started to get buzz as the app is nearing the 1 million downloads a month mark. They’re already valued at an impressive $100 million.

“Pretty much every song in the world is available through Music Messenger,” co-founder David Strauss told From the Grapevine. Plus, it’s completely free and ad-less. “Music lovers around the world really like that,” Strauss said.

It also doesn’t hurt that industry execs are backing the app. Gee Robertson, the manager of Nicki Minaj and Lil Wayne and Ash Pournouri, Avicii’s manager, both sit on the board of directors., David Guetta and Sebastian Ingrosso have also invested in the goldmine.

“It has been very humbling to have such amazing partners with such added value,” said Strauss.

The next step – Music Messenger is working with labels to use the app as a promotional tool for new albums, Strauss revealed. They’re also planning to expand into China.

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