Shazam The Future

Shazam’s VP of Product Cait O’Riordan deluged the science of proving how powerful Shaazam’s productive abilities are. During her lecture at Strata + Hadoop Conference in London this week, O’Riordan revealed that with 100 million active users, the app has so much data to mine that they say they can predict a hit song 33 days away from it climbing to the top of the charts.

Brit electro-pop group, Clean Bandits, who had the most Shazam tags in all of 2014, was predicted by the app that they’d be the next band to explode. They also predicted Katy Perry’s Rose would beat out Lady Gaga’s Applause.  That Nicki Minaj kicks the best verse on Kanye West’s Monster and even for-telling everyone would love the lyric, baking soda I got baking soda from O.T. Genasis’ Coco.

 For this to make more sense, here is O’Riordan’s talk. Check it out. Very interesting.



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