For this show, Michael had his usual glass of scotch but I was relegated to a bottle of cranberry juice as I strove to flush out any remains of a kidney stone (or stones) that kiboshed my trip to Tulsa to see Rush last Friday.  I could have probably made it through, but who wants to risk being a guest of the American medical establishment? Not I.

KISS brings back the glory days of pinball machines–but it’ll cost you. What? You expected something different?

Scientific proof that 1986 was the worst year EVER for pop music.

Hear that music in the store? It’s manipulating you. Spend, slave, SPEND!

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We’re giving away a Roku 3. Trust me. You want one. Listen to the show for details.

Update: Keurig caves on refillable K-Cups after 2.0 strategy flops. Did they learn nothing from the inkjet industry?

Update: Your watch, your Volkswagen

How much weight would you lose if you followed the Proclaimers’ advice? (I.e. 500 miles and 500 more).

3D printed skin. Yes, skin.

Strip away Michael Jackson’s singing and you get this. Oh, dear.

And finally, Apple Watch erotica. You heard me.

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