My Morning Jacket’s Jim James on Live Music, Streaming, Tidal

He spoke about The Waterfall  – the bands seventh studio album that dropped on May 4th –  has a feeling like  “being shoved up at the end of nature, on another planet, in a different galaxy.” The group will be spending the summer on the road doing dates in Toronto, June 6 and are even a gig at Bonnaroo on June 14.

James covered many topics with Billboard here are a few key points:

On being known as one of the best live acts, James revealed, “Live music is proof that there’s some things the Internet can’t kill.” He said,  “In our lifetime we’re going to see more and more things start to disappear and get gobbled up by the Internet, but live music won’t be one of them. Once all the power goes out, there will still be human beings standing together around a campfire, playing acoustic guitars.”

On the other side of the coin, James believes that streaming “boils down to a much larger issue than music,” he confessed. “We don’t have universal health care. Education is so expensive. We have these massive problems, you know? So it makes me really happy to think that somebody could have all the music in the world for free. But at the same time, if you have enough money to pay for it, you should pay for it”

And what about that Tidal topic?  James thinks it’s elitist and weird. “It seems kind of elitist and weird. The advertising turned me off. Twenty bucks a month obviously isn’t a lot of money for all the music in the world, but if you can’t afford health insurance, are you really going to pay for hi-res files of music you can get for free on YouTube, even if they sound like shit?”

You can check out the full interview in the May 8th edition of Billboard.




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