Game Changing Technology Will Harvest Energy from Thin Air

The technology is known as rectenna or “rectifying antenna”. The rectenna case will generate electricity by using the energy wasted by the phone when trying to send or receive a signal – Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and the LTE signals for 4G connections.

The case will use the 90 percent of wasted energy and convert it into usable power that can extend an iPhone 6’s battery life by as much as 30 percent.

Mind you,  don’t mistake this as a battery pack. It does not store power and will not recharge a phone once a battery is down. Rather, “it uses the harvested power into the battery slowly and will only result in slower battery depletion.”, reveals the official site.

If the new technology works, it could be spun-off into many things such as wearable technology, embedded sensors, and medical devices.

They will be launching on Kickstarter in one month for $99, and they hope to ship it inside the following four months.

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